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    Myths of Sentencing Reform Our current sentencing system and the myths of drug sentencing "reform."
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    Advocating for AUSAs The NAAUSA is the only organization whose sole purpose is to advocate for AUSAs
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  • NAAUSA President Steve Cook and other NAAUSA representatives meet with Richard S. Hartunian, US Attorney, Northern District of New York, Vice Chair of the Attorney Generals Advisory Committee (AGAC), John Walsh, US Attorney, District of Colorado, Chair, AGAC, Lee J. Lofthus, Assistant Attorney General for Administration and Monty Wilkinson, Director, Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys, to discuss pay equity between AUSAs and DOJ Trial Attorneys.

  • NAAUSA Executive Committee members, Steve Wasserman (left), Steve Cook, Senator Grassley (R-IA) and Larry Leiser met to thank the Senator for his long-time support of NAAUSA’s positon on the Smarter Sentencing Act.

  • NAAUSA Support H.R. 532

    NAAUSA supports legislation to provide six weeks of paid parental leave for federal employees.

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  • Boston Bombing Prosecutors

    NAAUSA congratulates four AUSAs on the successful prosecution of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev for the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

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  • Congratulations Booth Goodwin

    US Attorney Booth Goodwin (WVS) (left) is congratulated on his recent appointment to the AGAC by NAAUSA President Steve Cook.

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  • Kerry Harvey Meets with NAAUSA

    US Attorney and AGAC member Kerry Harvey (KYE) (center) meets with NAAUSA Board member David Marye (left) and NAAUSA President Steve Cook.

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  • NAAUSA Dismisses DOJ Report on Pay Disparity

    In February, the Department of Justice issued a report comparing the pay of AUSAs and the pay of Trial Attorneys. The report concluded that there was not a major difference in pay between AUSAs and Trial Attorneys.

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  • NAAUSA Advocates for Fair Pay

    NAAUSA President Steven H. Cook wrote a letter to Attorney General Lynch requesting fair pay for AUSAs around the country.

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  • Letter on Executive Clemency

    House Committee on the Judiciary sends letter on executive clemency to Attorney General Lynch.

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OPM Data Breach Exposes Personal Info of Every AUSA

NAAUSA writes to OPM to express grave concerns over multiple breaches of OPM databases exposes every AUSA to grave risks to their personal safety and the security of their families. Background checks are a prerequiste for the employments of every AUSA.

NAAUSA calls the OPM responses to date as insufficient and calls for new leadership at OPM.

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IF NAAUSA Never Existed...

  • The FY 2009-2012 USAO budgets would have been smaller...
  • All AUSAs would have been appointed for two years...
  • AUSAs would not be reimbursed for professional liability insurance...

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