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Senator Wants to Let Federal Prosecutors Carry Firearms on the Job
by Washington Post, Ed O'Keefe
April 5, 2013

Washington Post article mentions NAAUSA's past work to allow AUSAs to carry firearms.

Senator Cornyn Asks Attorney General About Firearm Policy for AUSAs
by Senator John Cornyn (TX)
April 3, 2013

Senator Cornyn asks Attorney General about 18 USC 930 which prohibits AUSAs from carrying firearms in federal court facilities, even if they have a state-issued concealed carry license.  Senator Cornyn asked that this policy be reconsidered.

NAAUSA Statement for Record on Stevens Hearing and S. 2197
by John E Nordin, II President
April 2, 2012

NAAUSA opposes the passage of S. 2197, as unnecessary and inappropriate. An Assistant United States Attorney's duty to disclose exculpatory or impeaching information springs from his special role in our system of justice as the legal representative of the United States of America. In the context of a criminal prosecution, Assistant United States Attorneys understand that their ultimate responsibility is to pursue justice.

DOJ Statement at “Hearing on the Special Counsel's Report on the Prosecution of Senator Ted Stevens”
by Department of Justice
March 28, 2012

The DOJ Statement from today's hearing.

Senator Leahy's Statement at the “Hearing on the Special Counsel's Report on the Prosecution of Senator Ted Stevens”
by United States Senate
March 28, 2012

Senator Leahy's opening statement from today's hearing.

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