AUSA Retirement

Lobby Congress to provide enhanced retirement for AUSAs

NAAUSA continues to pursue improvements in AUSA retirement benefits, which would double an AUSAs annual annuity, to match the retirement benefits of other members of the federal law enforcement community.

The current Congressional emphasis on reducing federal spending by freezing federal employee pay and proposing increased contributions to retirement has created an environment where it is unlikely that any Member will sponsor NAAUSA's legislation in the 113th Congress.

It is important to note that NAAUSA's legislation to improve AUSA retirement started in 1989 and NAAUSA reamins committed to securing the legislation in the future.


1989 Report of the AUSA Career Retention Committee of the AGAC


The first concerted effort to provide law enforcement retirement benefits to AUSAs was a 1988-1989 study by the AUSA Career Retention Committee of the Attorney General's Advisory Committee.  The final report, which was based on a survey of all AUSAs, of the committee recommended that AUSAs receive the same retirement benefits as other members of the law enforcement community.





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