NAAUSA Newsletters
November/December 2013 Newsletter

The Continuing Resolution could adversely affect AUSAs; members asked for views on mandatory minimums; comparing attorney pay in DOJ; DOJ has large number of SES employees

July/August 2013 Newsletter

NAAUSA urges DOJ to change unfair pay policies; House passes "Stop Government Abuse Act, H.R. 2789, over NAAUSA and law enforcement objections; AUSAs "vote" on NAAUSA priorities; NAAUSA questions OPR standards.

March/April 2013 Newsletter

NAAUSA works to avoid AUSA furloughs; MSPB reverses suspensions of AUSAs involved in Ted Stevens prosecution; all AUSAs eligible for Flexible Work Options; DOJ trial attorneys paid much more than AUSAs.

October/November 2012 Newsletter

NAAUSA urges MSPB to reverse AUSA suspensions; NAAUSA recommends consistent policy across all USAOs on Flexible Work Options; NAAUSA initiatives; Lexis for Microsoft Office

July/August 2012 Newsletter
NAAUSA Criticizes DOJ Decision to Discipline AUSAs in Stevens Case; LexisNexis Launches Lexis Advance; DOJ Worklife Programs; NAAUSA Delegates; "America Counts on Us' Campaign

March/April 2012 Newsletter

NAAUSA faces off against defense bar on Discovery; New threat management training; House passed budget imposes $368 billion in federal employee compensation and benefits.

January/February 2012 Newsletter

NAAUSA morns death of VP Mydans; Senator Leahy reaffirms support of NAAUSA; FY 2013 USAO budget straight-lined.

July/August 2011 Newsletter
NAAUSA is not a one-issue organization. Federal pay and benefits cuts are expected. Freedom of speech? Telework survey results.

January/February 2011 Newsletter
Executive Committee sets 2011 goals; NAAUSA survey results; Federal employee retirement mistakes; Cutting federal pay

September/October 2010 Newsletter
NAAUSA Challenges USA Today Report on AUSA Misconduct; Best Place to Work:USAOs; Timesaving Legal Research Tools

June/July 2010 Newsletter
NAAUSA overcomes many hurdles to make progress on retirement bill. LexisNexis becomes corporate partner.

March/April 2010 Newsletter

In light of IG report on security, NAAUSA again calls for AUSA security improvements

January/February 2010 Newsletter
The AUSA retirement/collections issue of the newsletter includes specifics on lobbying Congress to increase support for the retirement legislation

August/September 2009 Newsletter

Reports on meetings with the Attorney General on NAAUSA initiatives

January/February 2009 Newsletter
EOUSA Director responds to NAAUSA's Concerns; EOUSA Creates New Student Loan Repayment Program; NAAUSA's Communications with New Administration; Stopping Intrusive DOG-IG Legislation; When a Prosecution Comes at a Price

September/October 2008 Newsletter

NAAUSA Testifies on AUSA Security at House Oversight Hearing; NAAUSA Proposes Student Loan Improvements; NAAUSA Opposes Expanding IG Authority to Investigate AUSAs; Why Can't Congress Get Anything Done.

May/June 2008 Newsletter

1300 AUSAs complete AUSA Security Survey; NAAUSA Responds to OPM re: AUSA Retirement.

January/February 2008 Newsletter

Former Deputy AG Thompson Testifies at House Hearing on AUSA Retirement; NAAUSA to Start Political Action Committee; Report on Looby Days.

September/October 2007 Newsletter

New AUSA Retirement Legislation includes Collections Reforms to Offset Costs of Retrement; AUSA Security Bill Advances; How to Contact Congress; Federal Retirement Myths/Answers.

March/April 2007 Newsletter

NAAUSA's number one priority remains AUSA retirement legislation; NAAUSA's comp time for offical travel is signed into P.L. 109-425; AUSA security legislation advances.

October/November 2006 Newsletter

Senate Hearing on Challenges Facing AUSAs; 1989 AGAC Subcommittee Recommendations on AUSA Retention; EOUSA and AGAC Statements of Challenges Facing AUSAs.

July/August 2006 Newsletter
Collections/Retirement Legislation Proposed; NAAUSA Lobbies for Higher USAO Budgets; NAAUSA History; AUSAs Meet with Members of Congress.

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