Directors & Delegates

lected members of the Executive Committee, Board of Directors and Delegates are listed below.  

NAAUSA Executive Committee 2012-2014


Gay Guthrie Robert Gay Guthrie
John Nordon John E Nordin II
Central District of California
Vice President for Policy
Lawrence J. Leiser
Eastern District of  Virginia
Vice President for Operations and Membership
Daniel A. Brown
Southern District of Ohio

Leah Bynon Farrell
District of
New Jersey
Karen A. Escobar
Eastern District of
Mark Vincent
District of Utah



NAAUSA Board of Directors 2012-2014




Dennis Boyd Dennis Boyd Executive Director
 Bruce Moyer Bruce Moyer

Counsel and Washington



NAAUSA Delegates - 2012-2014

Name Dist No. District 
Vacant              01 MD of Alabama
Jack B. Hood 02 ND of Alabama
Alex F. Lankford, IV 03 SD of Alabama
Stephan A. Collins 04 District of Alaska

Linda P. Lipe

05 ED of Arkansas
07 District of Arizona
John E. Nordin, II 08 CD of California
Karen A. Escobar 09 ED of California
Timothy D. Coughlin 10 SD of California
10 SD of California
11 ND of California
Juan G. Villasenor 12 District of Colorado
 Vacant            13
District of Connecticut
14 District of Delaware
Peter Lallas               15 District of Columbia
Gregory P. McMahon 16 ND of Florida
Marc S. Anton 17 SD of Florida

17 SD of Florida
Jennifer Corinis 18 MD of Florida
Alana R. Black 19 ND of Georgia
Sharon Ratley
20 MD of Georgia
Vacant 21 SD of Georgia
Thomas A. Helper 23 District of Hawaii
James M. Peters 24 District of Idaho
Timothy A. Bass 25 CD of Illinois
Patrick J. Reinert 26 ND of Illinois
26 ND of Illinois
Vacant 27 SD of Illinois
29 SD of Indiana
Melanie C. Conour 29 SD of Indiana
Patrick J. Reinert 30 ND of Iowa
Richard L. Richards 31 SD of Iowa
Terra D. Morehead 32 District of Kansas
Della W. Littrell 33 ED of Kentucky
Elizabeth Parks 34 WD of Kentucky
Peter Mansfield 35 ED of Louisiana
Vacant 36 MD of Louisiana
Cytheria Jernigan 37 WD of Louisiana
David B. Joyce 38 District of Maine
Vacant 40 District of Maryland
Adam J. Bookbinder 41 District of Massachusetts
Terrence R Hougabook 42 ED of Michigan
43 WD of Michigan
Lonnie F. Bryan 44 District of Minnesota
William Chad Lamar 45 ND of Mississippi
Jason Scott Gilbert 46 SD of Mississippi
Raymond M. Meyer 47 ED of Missouri
Charles Ambrose 48 WD of Missouri
Joseph E. Thaggard 49 District of Montana
Kathryn C. Newman
51 District of Nevada
Alfred J. Rubega 52 District of New Hampshire
Leah Bynon Farrell
53 District of New Jersey
James R.W. Braun 54 District of New Mexico
Vacant 55 ND of New York
Anthony M. Bruce 56 WD of New York
Vacant 57 SD of New York
Kevan Cleary 58 ED of New York
J Gaston Williams
59 ED of North Carolina
William A. Brafford 60 WD of North Carolina
Keith W. Reisenauer 62 District of North Dakota
Sharon L. Long 63 ND of Ohio
Linda H. Barr 63 ND of Ohio
Daniel A. Brown 64 SD of Ohio
Robert Gay Guthrie 65 ED of Oklahoma
Allen Litchfield 66 ND of Oklahoma
Vacant 67 WD of Oklahoma
Kathleen L. Bickers 68 District of Oregon
Mary E Crawley 69 ED of Pennsylvania
Floyd J. Miller
69 ED of Pennsylvania
Bruce Brandler 70 MD of Pennsylvania
Amy L. Johnston 71 WD of Pennsylvania
Terrence P. Donnelly 73 District of Rhode Island
Stacey D. Haynes 74 District of South Carolina
Jeremy R. Jehangiri 75 District of South Dakota
Steven H. Cook 76 ED of Tennessee
Perry H. Piper 76 ED of Tennessee
Christopher Sabis
77 MD of Tennessee
Daniel French 78 WD of Tennessee
Vacant 79 ED of Texas
Joseph M. Revesz 80 ND of Texas
Jose A Moreno 81 SD of Texas
Albert A. Balboni 81 SD of Texas
Edward R. Castillo 82 WD of Texas
82 WD of Texas
Mark Vincent 83 District of Utah
Joseph R. Perella 84 District of Vermont
Larry Leiser
85 ED of Virginia

85 ED of Virginia
C. Patrick Hogeboom III 86 WD of Virginia
87 District of Virgin Islands
Lisca N. Borichewski 88 WD of Washington
Robert McWilliams 90 ND of West Virginia
Gary L. Call
91 SD of West Virginia
Brian E. Pawlak 92 ED of Wisconsin
Stephanie Irene Sprecher 94 District of Wyoming
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