The Mar/APr issue of the NAAUSA News inckudes DOJ data that clearly show AUSAs are paid less than their counterparts, information on the President's 2020 budget, DOJ guidance on using the intranet for personl and NAAUSA use, and articles on how locality pay works.

Restitution Response

The Justice for All Reauthorization Act of 2016 required the General Accountability Office (GAO) to conduct a review and report on the factors that should be considered when broadening restitution provisions. Read NAAUSA’s seven page response.

We represent the voice of career federal prosecutors, law enforcement officers, and agents across the country, and we are all current and former federal law enforcement officials. We write to make clear our strong and unequivocal opposition to legislative proposals that may resurface during the 115th Congress, akin to measures that were under consideration during the current Congress.

Not all crimes are preventable — but some are. The serious crimes that have been committed recently by lawfully convicted felons who were prematurely released from prison as a result of so-called sentencing reforms, when these felons otherwise would have still been in prison, clearly could have been prevented.


The National Association of Assistant United States Attorneys (NAAUSA) is the voice of Assistant United States Attorneys in the Department of Justice and Congress helping safeguard justice and promoting the interests of AUSAs.

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