National Poll Supports Stronger Enforcement Measures Against Drug Trafficking

A nationwide poll, conducted by Opinion Research Corporation, has found substantial public support for stronger enforcement efforts against drug traffickers. Six out of ten Americans, the poll found, believed that not enough was being done to keep drug traffickers off the street.

The poll, conducted on Nov. 19 - 22, 2015, asked: "Thinking about the criminal justice system, which comes closer to your view -- that we have too many drug traffickers in prison for too long, or that we don't do enough to keep drug traffickers off the street?"

The poll found that 58% of Americans said the not enough was being done to keep traffickers off the street, while only half that number, 30%, said too many traffickers were in in prison for too long. The finding is contrary to the sentiments underlying sentencing “reform” bills pending in Congress. NAAUSA opposes those bills, which would reduce mandatory minimum sentences for drug trafficking offenses and would apply sentence reductions retroactively to offenders in prison, including those who have committed violent armed felonies.

In the ORC survey, majorities or pluralities in every age group, region and race indicated they do not believe the country is doing enough “to take drug traffickers off the street." Bot sexes also hold that view, with a greater percentage of women supportive of strong enforcement (62% - 27%) than men.


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