Many of NAAUSA’s legislative initiatives need active involvement by AUSAs to build support on Capitol Hill and become law. This page has been created to make it easy for you and members of your family and neighbors to contact your House Representative and urge him/her to support and cosponsor legislation important to AUSAs. NAAUSA will provide ready to send emails or letters that you can use as written, or modify to personalize noting how the legislation affects you and your family, for you to send to your House member.

Find the email address of your House Representative here: 


Legislation has been introduced in the House, H.R. 532, the Federal Employees Paid Parental Leave Act that would grant six weeks paid parental leave to use after the birth of a new child, adoption, or foster care placement. At the current time, the federal government does not provide paid parental leave to any of its civil servants. A recent survey of 58 major national law firms revealed that every firm offered at least 8 weeks of paid parental leave, and a majority offered at least 16 weeks. In comparison, the federal government does not offer any paid parental leave. A sample email has been prepared for you, and your spouse and others, to send to your Representative to ask him/her to support H.R. 532. If you don’t know the email address for your Representative, click on the link above and then send this email today. The email is in a Word document which you can easily revise to personalize.


IMPORTANT: Never, ever send an email to Congress from your address and never include any reference to your federal position as an Assistant United States Attorney.

The NAAUSA is committed to advocating for the issues that matter most to Assistant U.S. Attorneys. Our organization focuses on the following:

  • The Professionalism of AUSAs
  • USAO Budget Requests
  • Equal Pay for AUSAs
  • Family-friendly Workplace
  • AUSA Security
  • U.S. Attorney and AUSA Pay Cap
  • Sentencing Reform
  • Uncompensated AUSAs
  • Electronic Communications Privacy Act