The National Association of Assistant United States Attorneys (NAAUSA) is the voice of Assistant United States Attorneys in the Department of Justice and Congress helping safeguard justice and promoting the interests of AUSAs.

NAAUSA was founded in 1992 to protect, promote, foster and advance the mission of AUSAs and their responsibilities in promoting and preserving the Constitution of the United States, encouraging loyalty and dedication among AUSAs in support of the Department of Justice, and encouraging the just enforcement of laws of the United States.

NAAUSA is the “bar association” for the more than 5,500 AUSAs throughout the country and the U.S. territories. 

The association’s membership includes AUSAs who are acknowledged experts on immigration, terrorism, cyber crimes, social security, health care fraud, gang and narcotics prosecutions, bankruptcy litigation, asset forfeiture and collection of debts owed to the United States.

NAAUSA’s nineteen-member Board of Directors is comprised of criminal and civil AUSAs from large and small offices around the country. NAAUSA delegates in each of the 93 United States Attorney’s Offices provide the Board with information from the field and disseminate information on NAAUSA activities. AUSAs are represented in Washington, on an on-going basis, by NAAUSA’s Executive Director and Counsel/Washington Representative through their contact with the Department of Justice and Congress.