Assistant United States Attorneys should join NAAUSA because...

  • NAAUSA’s advocacy is the only reason some AUSAs received a pay increase - the starting salaries for all new AUSAs hired after April 2016 are at least $5,000 higher thanks to NAAUSA. The increase in AUSA pay is more than 50 times the cost of NAAUSA dues.
  • NAAUSA is the only organization that continues to urge EOUSA to allow all AUSAs in every office access to the Department’s flextime, compressed work schedules and other family friendly worklife programs.
  • NAAUSA has a record of accomplishments that affects every AUSA.


(effective January 1, 2019)

  Current AUSA Former AUSA Only
1 Year Membership $162.50 $125
2 Year Membership $295 $235
3 Year Membership $450 $335
Payroll Deduction $6.25 N/A